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Where does my photo sessions take place?

I am strictly a studio photographer and have my home studio in Spokane, MO

I create your photos in my living room so I want you to feel right at home. Come in and relax on the couch.

I have toys and snacks available for the kiddos as well. My home is your home!

I do have dogs (locked away during the session) but if you are allergic, I may not be the photographer for you.


What if my child is uncooperative?

I'm a mother of a two and come from a Large family with many children.  I've got the experience and patience for any situation.  I'm an experienced photographer and I work pretty quickly for you. A session is usually around 30-60 minutes (about 90 for a Newborn). Photo sessions are meant to be fun and relaxing. My goal is to create beautiful pictures AND give you a great experience. I am 100% confident in my ability to make that happen.  

What is your pricing? Do you offer digital files?

I have three sessions available to choose from to fit your photographic & financial needs. These sessions come with digital images and the printing rights. I also offer handmade Albums & gorgeous Wall Art.  You can see a full list of all of my products and prices on my Pricing Page


Will I be required to come back in for a sales session?

Nope!  I know you're busy.  I also know that I live in a pretty rural part of town.

 I am not going to make you pack up your family and drive all the way back to the studio for a sales session.  

That said, if you feel that it would be helpful to sit down together to order your wall art and choose the photos for your albums, I am more than happy to do that with you.  Sometimes it's just nice to have another set of eyes and a professional opinion when choosing photos.

If there is no sales session, how do I order product?

 After your shoot, while you are still at the studio, I will show you the product I offer.  Most clients add something to their sitting at that time.  If you want to see your photos before committing to a product, that is fine too. You'll be able to view your images in an online gallery and order what you want from there. 

What is your turnaround time?

You can expect to view your online gallery within 7-10 business days after your shoot. Digital Images can be downloaded right after purchase. Albums & Wall Art take roughly two weeks from the time your order is placed.

How do I book a session?

You can book a session by clicking the Book Now button below

I'm looking forward to working with you!!!

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