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How to prepare for your Maternity Session

You are doing something amazing! You are growing a little human and that deserves to be celebrated and commemorated with a portrait. To get the most out of your session however, there are a few things you should know

Try to avoid wearing anything that will leave a mark

When we’re pregnant, our bodies retain a lot of extra fluid which means things like elastic waistbands, socks and elastic hair bands worn around your wrist will leave a mark on your skin. We want you skin to look as smooth as possible, so avoid anything elastic!

The tighter the better

Loose maternity clothing is super comfortable, but doesn’t always look great in photos. When it come to your maternity portraits, remember, the tighter the clothes, the better! We want to show off that belly!

Don’t be afraid to show some skin

Nude and semi nude maternity images are often my favorite! I have all the fabric we need for draping and will always photograph you in a tasteful and beautiful way! So take advantage of the studio setting, and show a little skin!

If you want, bring your husband & kids…. The more the merrier

I’m often ask if other family members can be in some of the photos and the answer is YES! These are your portraits and your moment to celebrate this amazing time in your life. So you can include anyone you would like to in your photos!


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