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What to wear for your Maternity Session

Keep it Simple

My Maternity Photography is a bit more moody and dramatic compared to my newborn and family style. I love a sleek, simple, minimalistic look. Black, just jeans, I have several beautiful fabrics if you like a flowy photo. I even have a tan tulle robe that's fun to play with. And I adore implied nudes with maternity session as long as you're comfortable with that. There is something absolutely amazing about a woman's body bringing life into the world. It's a fast season in your life so make sure you book the session!

What about hair & make up?

I say natural is best, but I also understand that not all natural hair is great for photos (mine isn't) and I also understand that some women break out more because of hormones. And trust me, one will most likely pop up the day before your session. DONT WORRY! I have a hair and make up guide that I can send out to you or if you REALLY want extra help, I can locate a hair and make up artist for an additional cost. PLUS, I am experienced with photo shop so any little breakout that happens won't be on your final photos. From my perspective and how I edit my photos, hair is more important that make up.

What about my stretch marks?

This is entirely up to you. Some moms embrace them and other moms don't want to see them at all. Personally, I love them. They are a reminder that I brought life into this world. Because of this, I never remove them unless I'm asked to.


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