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What To Wear to Your Newborn Session

Updated: Aug 2, 2021


Babies are amazing! They don't have to wear a thing and they are still absolutely perfect. In fact, I believe they are so perfect just the way they are, I recommend no clothes at all. Just a simple diaper, a white receiving blanket draped gently, and you'll have a timeless photo to cherish forever. Plus, it's SO much easier then having the stress of finding "the perfect outfit". Let's keep it Simple.

What if I want to bring an outfit?

Of course, Grandma probably made them that personalized outfit that you want a photo of. Bring that too! Maybe you want picture of your little one with their first baby blanket. We can absolutely photograph that as well.

What about the rest of the family?

You may want to take advantage of the session and get in there with your little one (I highly recommend you do), so come prepared to be photographed as well. Wear neutral tones and do your best to stay away from busy patterns or logos. I know you're tired, believe me, but I promise you do not want to miss the opportunity to have professional photos with your new baby.


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